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Maggie Mackenzie and Steven van den Bergh, proprietors of Jim Jam Foods

JimJam, what’s it all about?

Well, simply put, JimJam is ALL about the food.
It’s about the taste and the flavour.
It’s about the lovely way great food feels in your mouth.
It’s about the comfort of those rekindled childhood memories of food forgotten.
The wonderful WOW factor ignites it all and all you can do is smile.

So at JimJam we make this marvellous sort of food every day; day in, day out - all year long.
We chop, we mix, we heat, we stir, we bottle and we label.
And you know what?
We love every little bit of it.
This love and dedication plays a big part in why JimJam products are so well liked.

It’s only natural to wonder whom might this JimJam be?
Well that would be Steven JimJam.
The man behind the brand.
The recipe creator, the designer, the cookie boy and the grand poobah of all things JimJam.

And then there’s Maggie JimJam
The muse who loved the product so much she married the maker.
Now in charge of all things customerish.
Together they run JimJamfoods from their 60 acre farm, ‘Avant Yarde’ at Stanley in North East Victoria.

The farm is home to the JimJam kitchen and the JimJam farm shop.
It’s also home to two cats, hundreds of birds, a flock of marauding wild sheep and more kangaroos, koalas, wombats, wallabies and echidnas than you could poke a stick at.
The gate’s open, the welcome mat is down.

Drop in and say hello.

Maggie and Steven

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